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Kentucky Off-roading 2022

My brother and I went off-roading in Kentucky with his Bronco. We headed down to the Red River Gorge and hit the trails. If you haven’t been to the area, add it to your bucket list now.

The Red River Gorge is maybe one of the best kept secrets of the Midwest. There are huge arches and rugged terrain well worth the visit. Most of the trails are short enough that you can easily see about everything in a day or so. If you can plan it around the Fall, you will be able to enjoy some fantastic colors.

The trip convinced me of the off-roading powers of the Bronco. It was fantastic to see how the different modes worked. The 360 degree camera was excellent to help get through tough spots unscathed. Being able to see where the tires were going in relation to the trail was amazing.

The first day we arrived just after dark and had to hunt around some for a campground. The stars were shining bright and I even caught a couple shooting stars. The next day, we stopped at a Wooly Worm Festival in Beattyville, KY and off-roaded in a couple places afterwards.

By late afternoon we were ready to hike to our camping spot. We set up our tents near the trail on a ridge and enjoyed the rest of the evening in the dark. In the morning, we finished the trail loop and went to a few of the arches before heading home.

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